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Portrait Editing

Every picture needs edit, some less, some more but the post processing is a part of the creative workflow nowadays.

When I edit images, I aim for a healthy middle ground between messy clutter and sterile perfection. The sum of many small changes allows me to create emotionally impactful images that stay true to the reality. Below, you can find a few examples of how I approach common editing challenges.

Minor Tweaks

When shooting a couple or more people is always possible that a perfect expression of one doesn't match the other person(s) in the same shoot, so here I am. Changing a face from the same shoot of the same person is not a big deal and can change dramatically the final result. Also smoothing the clothing and cleaning the little imperfection is done here.

Subtle Guidance

Even a ugly ducklin can become a beautiful swan with some post production. Distracting people in the background as well as electric pole and trash was removed to keep the photo minimal. Colour adjustments (sunset) helped to further refine this edit. Overall, a dozen little changes allowed me to subtly shift the focus on the Girl.

Mood Enhancer

Sometimes, an otherwise perfect day finishes in a disappointing sunset. This image received a replacement sky with a matching colour treatment to give this project the hero image it deserves. The changes result in a warmer image that draws attention into the frame. I also decided to remove the street light to avoid unpleasant object in the frame and crop on the couple. The shot was finished with a colour treatment matching the look of pre-existing images, rather than staying true to actual conditions.

Minor Tweaks + Colour Restoration

A simple portrait hide a lot of small detail to fix, like the eye's vein, skin's imperfection, face's roundness and even some crazy hair. Here's I added back some color and contrast.

Sometimes small details make a big difference.