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Landscape Editing

Every picture needs edit, some less, some more but the post processing is a part of the creative workflow nowadays.

When I edit images, I aim for a healthy middle ground between messy clutter and sterile perfection. The sum of many small changes allows me to create emotionally impactful images that stay true to the reality. Below, you can find a few examples of how I approach common editing challenges.

Find the subject

An all lighten image doesn't draw any attention and the viewer's attention is immediately lost.
Here I've decided that here the subject was that moody light so I decided to lose a lot of confusion detail to embrace that warm sunset. Fixing some perspective and little artifact is a must to focus the viewer.

Luminosity Masks

Luminosity Masks are something that anyone serious about their post-processing needs to know. Simply put, they’re tone-based selections which make it possible to make targeted adjustments to only specific areas of the image. These masks can select the brights, mid-tones or darks, without affecting other parts of the photo. Here you can see how I reintegrated the lost sky and made the picture more interesting without being over-processed.

Old Photos

Fixing old printed photos from color degradation may seems an impossibile job, and frankly it is. Luckily here I have found a very famous view that I can look up to and the result speaks for itself. Made some severe adjustment with color and contrast to also gain back some detail.

Image courtesy of Mauro Delai

Sometimes small details make a big difference.