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Coppa Cobram 2019

The philosophy behind this unique event is very simple: pay tribute to one of the most beloved characters of Italian cinema, Ragionier Fantozzi, masterfully interpreted by the incomparable Paolo Villaggio and, at the same time, have fun like crazy.

The accountant Ugo Fantozzi is not just a myth for several generations, he is also the anti-hero par excellence: a mediocre man, devoid of any ability, unlucky as few ... and these are the very characteristics that made him "great". Among the many and, not even to tell you, exhilarating episodes, that of the Cobram Cup - in the film Fantozzi against all - is perhaps one of the most representative of the unquestionable corporate hegemony of which Fantozzi and his colleagues are "pathetic slaves". The evil Visconte Cobram, a fan of cycling, obliges all employees to take part in the race of the same name. The consequences will be disastrous! And it is precisely on this piece of the film that the idea of ​​the Cobram Cup of Garda is based.

None of these details has been overlooked in the various editions of the Cobram del Garda Cup: most of the participants in fact usually present themselves in clothes that are very faithful to the originals, perfectly imitating the chosen character. There is always then some voice out of the chorus, not strictly Fantozziana therefore, but which in any case carries the same joy as the others. In short, everything is perfectly orchestrated to best recreate the "tragic race".

There is no philosophy but only a great desire to have fun ... by bike.

You can check all the photos here. LINK